EmojiTaco 是一个 Alfredworkflow,能够从 抓取最新的 Emoji,方便进行检索查询。首次运行时需要联网进行初始化,可能会耗费些时间。


  • alt/option (⌥) - Show Unicode Values
  • cmd (⌘) - Show Python String
  • ctrl (⌃) - Show Python String decoded
  • shift (⇧) - Display the image in QuickLook

下载 EmojiTaco Workflow for Alfred

SplashFlow: a Workflow to Search Unsplash

最近为了 Casper 主题的封面照片经常徜徉于几个 free license 的照片站,捣鼓他们的 API,尝试把添加图片的过程融入到目前的 blog 流程里。折腾下来,其中最喜欢的就是 Unsplash »

o3o Workflow for Alfred 2

受郭宇童鞋o3o 项目的启发做了这个 Alfred 2 的 Workflow。 目的简单明确:方便快捷的调用和复制“颜文字”。 使用方法 o3o 不带关键词:则显示所有可用 »

Bitcoin Workflow for Alfred 2

Bitcoin workflow for Alfred 2 provides an easy way to lookup Bitcoin market price, perform currency conversion and fetch informations of a Bitcoin address. Download You can grab a copy of Bitcoin Workflow via this link. Usage Use currency to set your preferred currency. (Required) Use wallet to set your default Bitcoin address. (Optional) exch without parameter to view market prices. exch with a number to convert between BTC and your preferred currency. »

Air Quality Index Workflow for Alfred 2

Update[2014-11-08]: Updated the API. Please redownload and install. This Alfred 2 workflow provides a simple way to find out the real-time Air Quality Index (AQI) in most cities in Asia”) with data support by Download You can grab a copy of Air Quality Index Workflow via this link Usage Using keyword air with the name of a city to get its AQI. The results will be shown directly in Alfred with color-labelled air pollution levels - A Guide to Air Quality and Your Health”). »