最佳 Inoreader App

「最佳的XXX」这样的一个题目其实是不合适的,因为对不同的人来说,「最佳」的条件也是不同的。所以这篇完整的题目应该是「对于我来说最佳的 Inoreader Ap »

Feedly Fluid App with Unread Count

As there’s currently no native OS X app supporting Feedly yet1, the official blog of Feedly provided a workaround, which utilized Fluid, “an app that can turn any web page into desktop app”, to create a standalone Feedly app. They even provided an original Feedly icon. Fluid is free for use. If you are willing to pay an extra fee of $4.99,2 you can unlock a set of premium features including “the ability to enter full screen, options to have separate cookies storage (which mean you can run multiple of Feedly accounts at once), use Userscripts and Userstyles, and pinning the app into menu bar”. »

AOL Reader Compact

拿到 AOL Reader 的 beta 测试,闲得蛋疼给它写了个 userstyle,起名叫 AOL Reader Compact。 功能 去除广告 调整 Header 高度 调整 Pane View 模式下 Feed 列表的宽度 安装方法 请 »


我睁开眼睛 Google Reader到天亮 Feed读一半 累得就想哭一场 我忍住不想 未读数变得更漫长 都在100以上 数字天文得不敢想象 我日月无光 刷新得不知所以 »