Oscars Mistake Casts Unwanted Spotlight on PwC

According to Mr. Ryan and others briefed on the process, a PwC partner, Brian Cullinan, handed Mr. Beatty the wrong envelope.

Instead of the envelope containing the winner for best picture, Mr. Cullinan accidentally handed Mr. Beatty a duplicate of the envelope for best actress — an award Emma Stone had accepted for her role in “La La Land” just moments before.

For the Oscars, PwC uses two complete sets of the envelopes, with one placed on each side of the stage. Mr. Cullinan was handling one side, and the other partner overseeing the voting process, Martha L. Ruiz, was handling the other. It isn’t clear what led Mr. Cullinan to hand Mr. Beatty the wrong envelope.

为奥斯卡计票工作服务了 83 年的 PwC 这次搞砸了,其工作人员误将「最佳女主角」的备用信封当成「最佳影片」交给了颁奖嘉宾。

当然这锅可能不光是 PwC 的:

The design of the envelopes could have been a factor. The envelopes were redesigned this year to feature red paper with gold lettering that specified the award enclosed, rather than gold paper with dark lettering. That could have made the lettering harder to read. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, not PwC, is responsible for the design and procurement of the envelopes.