Site Search Workflow for Alfred 2

Site Search Workflow

For those who use keyword a lot on Google, allow me to present you the Site Search Workflow for Alfred 2.

How to Use

If you have Alfred 2 installed and the Powerpack enabled, download and install this workflow. Then use the keyword site and follow the pattern below to search a website on Google:

site keyword

For example, if you want to search for alfred, just type “site alfred” and the results will be showed in a list in Alfred.

Site Search

More, open a result with shift key pressed, the URL of your choice will be copied to clipboard.

Notice: A free Google Custom Search API is used in this workflow. Due to Google’s limitation, the max request is 100 per day. Since there might be too many request, you might want to acquire your own API and replace the $key value in the Script Filter part of this workflow.


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