Feedly Fluid App with Unread Count

As there’s currently no native OS X app supporting Feedly yet1, the official blog of Feedly provided a workaround, which utilized Fluid, “an app that can turn any web page into desktop app”, to create a standalone Feedly app. They even provided an original Feedly icon. Fluid is free for use. If you are willing to pay an extra fee of $4.99,2 you can unlock a set of premium features including “the ability to enter full screen, options to have separate cookies storage (which mean you can run multiple of Feedly accounts at once), use Userscripts and Userstyles, and pinning the app into menu bar”. »

用快捷键调出 PopClip

The Overthinker 介绍了通过 Automator 配合 AppleScript 来使用键盘快捷键来调出 PopClip 的方法,这在文本编辑器中用键盘选择文字时非常实用。 通常情况下 PopClip 的调出是通过鼠标拖拽选择文字来实 »


Roon 是一个支持 Markdown 语法的跨平台的博客平台。目前支持 Web UI 和 iPhone 客户端,并有计划推出 Mac 版本。 Roon 目前功能上还比较简单,还不支持绑定域名什么的,好在设计比 »

我不知道的 1password 快捷键

1Password 我用得最多的快捷键就是 Command+\ 了,在浏览器中用来自动填写用户名密码很方便,但我一直不知道还可以用 Option+Command+\ 来只打开浏览器插件的弹出窗口而不自动填写1,更 »